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OOTD in Alburn

by Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How did you spend the first days of 2016? Fortunately I was able to rest on the January 1st, I spent the day in my pajamas enjoying being lazy. But on the 2nd my energy returned and even though the day was gray and cloudy, I wanted to leave home.

Winter OOTD in Lake Tahoe

by Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hi guys, here I am, back with OOTD posts. But this is even more special because it is also a travel post. On the weekend of Thanksgiving I received a visit from my friend Marilia, who is also from Ceará (Brazil) but lives in San Diego. And on Saturday we headed to Lake Tahoe, to see snow and get cold hahaha. It was the first time our dog Luna saw snow and I haven’t been there for four years.