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I feel, I wear. I believe style can be reinvented and experienced in many ways. Just be yourself.

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Dreaa's Birthday AS Blog

Dreaa’s Birthday AS Blog

Hi, I am Andrea Santana.
After years living abroad, away from my home country (Brazil), and enjoying San Francisco in California, I realized that I should have registered much more of this whole experience. So in March 2014, I started my first blog, Drea ‘Stories, which soon turned into The Channel Abroad. There I shared my experience as expatriate, besides giving tips for young travelers about exchange programs, USA, Au Pair,etc.
In October 2015, the blog has taken a new direction, a new look and brand. Now with Andrea Santana Blog, I have the freedom to share more about my lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel. And make this space a place of inspiration for my readers.
I have been living in the U.S for six years, I was an au pair, international student, and now I work with Human Resources. When you do not see me in the office, I’m working on the blog, or enjoying the day with my husband Dan and our furry friends Luna and Milo.
Thank you for stopping by, and please make yourself at home.