Chicago & Packers Game – Days 1 & 2

by Friday, October 13, 2017

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Hubby’s birthday was this week but we decided to take a trip to celebrate end of September. And she chose Chicago for a couple of days since we both haven’t been there.

I lived in the midwest in 2007, in Kansas City. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I wanted to go back to that area for awhile. So I’m going to share some of our trip with you guys with some places we liked to visit and things we enjoyed doing.

Our trip started on a wednesday, we got a direct flight out of Sacramento. We arrived around noon and rented a car because we were going to do a short road trip. We stayed in Chicago the first night, rented an Airbnb in Uptown, close to Wrigley Field. The neighborhood reminded me a lot of the Mission in San Francisco. It was really cool to see where Dan’s mother was born and grew up.

We left everything on airbnb and headed to downtown Chicago, went to dinner with Camila Ybars and her husband. I know Camila from YouTube, there is a video with her here on the blog, click HERE to see. It was cool to meet her in person, she and her husband were really cool taking us to eat Chicago’s famous Deep Dish Pizza at Pizzeria ONE. They also shared several tips of what to see and do in the area. After dinner, Dan and I still had a drink on the rooftop of a restaurant. The view is incredible.

The next day we took the road to Green Bay in Wiscomsin.

Our friends got us tickets to the Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears game, and we were really excited about it.

It was Dan’s first time at a football game (funny because he is the american one here). We stopped on the way, first in Milwaukee to take a picture of the house that his father was born and raised. We stopped in Cedar Grove to take a photo of Lake Michigan, and to eat in Sheboygan (I don’t know wht but love this word lol).

Milwaukee from our car

Milwaukee from our car

We arrived way before the game started so we could rest in the car before we entered the field. There is no parking at the stadium, so people in the neighborhood rent spaces in their backyards, we found this online and used the Parkwhiz application. The game was very exciting, we sat in row #3 so we could see everything super close.

But the game itself was interrupted by lightning storm warning, everyone had to evacuate to safe areas until the storm stops. From what I understand, this is rare, the last time was in the 90s. But everything returned to normal after 40min, and we returned to the wet seats this time because of the rain. It was a great experience for us.

Unfortunately we could not get to know Green Bay because we decided to go back to sleep in Milwawkee. The next morning, we had brunch in a cute place called Brunch, and the food was very tasty. We took the road back to Chicago as soon as we ate and returned the car. Our trip now continued by public transportation, straight to Chicago.

And I’ll tell you what the rest of this trip was like in the next posts. Stay tuned.

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