Back to College at 30

by Thursday, September 14, 2017

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Today I feel an obligation to say a little about the fact that I’m going back to college at 30 (32 to be exact). Before classes started, I tried to look up posts and articles on the subject. I was a little anxious and afraid to go back to the classroom and wanted to read about similar experiences. I think I was looking for a friendly word that everything will be fine.

This is my third week of classes, and I already have thousands of texts to read, quizzes to get ready for and scheduled exams. And despite all the pressure from teachers and myself, I’m excited to learn new things and get out of my comfort zone.

For those who do not know my story, here is a brief summary. I graduated in Tourism Management in Brazil, I hold a technological degree and since returning to the United States I have stick the idea in the head that would get my bachelors. For many years, I was not quite sure what kind of degree I wanted to have, or what kind of career I’d like to pursue. I worked in tourism and hospitality, I have experience in office, but these areas never brought me full satisfaction. Deciding about career has always been a drama in my life.

I finally received my Associates Degree in Business in 2014 but for many reasons in life my transfer to get the bachelors was pushed away. But my hour has finally arrived and by chance, here i am at the age of 32 heading back to the academic years.

I wanted to come here to share with my readers my expectations, fears and joys of this moment. There is a good and bad side to going back to college at 30, at least from my point of view.

  • You will probably be the oldest in the classroom (or one of them)
  • You’re already at an age when you can not stop working just to study.
  • Working 40 hours a week does not allow you to engage as much in extra-curricular activities
  • The anxiety of making new friends (and fear of not doing)
  • Now is for real, this is the course that you’ve been looking for a long time (I think lol)
  • Everything you learn now makes a lot more sense because you can apply at work
  • You will learn a LOT of new things.
  • You are mature enough to focus on learn better
  • Your network will grow
  • There is a great possibility that a diploma offers an opportunity for promotion in your work

At the end of the everything side is very personal, I think it depends a lot on your goals and how you face life. I barely have any time to myself but I’m very happy to be back to college at 30. I feel like everything I’m learning in class makes a lot more sense now.

I do not regret anything I’ve done to get here. I know it will be years of big challenges but I’ve been waiting for them for a while. So now is time to put to work!

Is anybody there went back to school in later years too? What are you studying? And what kind of feeling did you have in the first few days? Share with me!

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