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by Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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I have been reading and subscribing to some websites with professional content for awhile. I started looking for tips for curriculum, career development, motivation, entrepreneurship and so on. I like to follow blogs and websites of this topic because I search for inspiration and information to share with my expatriate readers.

I have a list of favorites that I want to share here with you, and I would like to be producing a bit more professional content, such as the posts I wrote about How Much Your Jobs Are WorthMy intention is to inform and help people who are looking for a career.People who are just leaving college and looking for the first job, or transitioning careers.

So let’s go to the list of 6 websites with professional content that I love reading and that can inspire you too.
Career Contessa

Career Contessa is a site exclusively made by women for women. The founder Lauren McGoodwin was a Recruiter for many years and felt the lack of a platform that could help women in the search for jobs and career development. That’s why she created Career Contessa. The site produces content with tips on finding a job and lots of motivation, besides offering coaching services and some courses. I love this site, I’m always learning good things to add to the development of my career.

Lauren Berger Inc.

Lauren is the founder of the website InternQueen.com and author of the books All Work No Pay and Welcome to the Real World. I’ve been following Lauren for a bit. I think her story is very inspiring and I had the opportunity to chat / interview with her. The site Lauren Berger has a lot of nice content for those who are in college and looking for internships, but she is also an entrepreneur and share tips on that subject as well. I think the content is valid for both students and immigrants who are starting their careers again. And you can find many internship opportunities through the Intern Queen site.

The Muse

I feel like The Muse doesn’t need introductions. The site is one of the most famous ones around with professional content, and practically a newspaper focused on the subject. It has everything from companies, career development tips, coaching and job vacancies. They also offer some courses.

IG conteudo profissional

IG conteudo profissional

Liz Ryan

I discovered Liz on LinkedIn, she is an influencer over there, and author of the book Reinvention Roadmap: Break the Rules to Get the Job You Want and Career You Deserve. She also writes for Forbes magazine.

Liz has incredible articles on career, job search and more. The cool of her column at Forbes is that she uses real-life examples before giving hints. She receives questions and cases and comments on them from a human resources perspective. It is very worth checking her contents.

Enlighten Magazine

Enlighten Magazine was created by a dear friend Izabelle Azevedo, she is a Life Designer and Business Coach. In this virtual magazine you see a diversified content. Izabelle writes about everything coaching related, and focuses a lot on personal development. There are several interviews with successful stories and is an easy and enjoyable content to read. The subscription is free and you receive direct by email.

Izabelle is also the creator of the project “Seu Vida Desenhada“. A project to help people live the lifestyle they dream about.

Classy Career Girl

This is the website of Anna Runyan, a career coach. Her site is also targeted to the female audience and is recent on my list. The blog has several collaborators and a beautiful layout to see. Anna offers coaching services for entrepreneurs and women in search of career development.

IGs Profissionais

IGs Profissionais

What I like the most about the content of her blog is the easy and fun language, a good example is this post What a job interview and a meeting have in common.

I hope you enjoyed this list with my favorite sites with professional content. If you are following a blog or publication with similar content, leave your comment below with a link. I am always looking for more to add to my list.

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