Meal Prepping for First Time

by Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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Has anyone here heard of Meal Prep? It is a very common practice for anyone looking to save time, lose weight, or simply stay organized.

I’ve been wanting to do meal prep for a long time, and finally I’ve got the courage. So I want to share with you my experience, the why, the shopping list, the preparation day and the first week eating the prepared meals.


One of the main reasons I have taken the initiative to start meal prepping is simply because my schedule this fall will be much tighter. I’m going back to college, and I’ll keep working 40 hours a week. I think it will be less stressful to have to worry about making food every day. Another reason is because we want to change our eating habits at home, and preparing food in advance can help us. Plan ahead will be good instead of buying last-minute non nutritional food.


As soon as I decided I would start this process, I researched a few recipes. I wanted to do something practical and fast but with nutritional value and yummy. My friend Gabi, who has been vegan for many years, shared with me some websites and blogs she uses, and I have found some interesting recipes there. Some of them are:

Vegan Websites

Vegan Websites

I do not intend to turn vegan overnight, but we want to cut meat slowly from our diet (Me actually, because Dan has already cut since we watched the movie Okja). I wrote a spreadsheet with some recipes for the week, and I added the ingredients to purchase.

Meal Prep Experience AS Blog

Meal Prep Experience AS Blog

Meal Prep Experience AS Blog

Meal Prep Experience AS Blog

Based on the spreadsheet you can see that I did not plan meals for a whole week, but for 4 days. I thought since it was my first time, I should start slowly, and I was right. After laying out the plan on paper, I decided I would go shopping on Saturday and cook and prepare everything on Sunday. There is no right day, I think the day varies according to the schedules of each person.


My Sunday started off quietly, I ended up going to brunch with the husband’s family while he went to work. The real work began around noon. I cooked the sweet potatoes, baked fish, cut a lot of vegetables and sauteed a lot of onions.

I had to stop a couple of times to go to the store to buy mason jars for the salads, but the breaks were good because I was super tired and had back pain from standing up. I shared everything in my instastories @asblog_. The whole process lasted about 7 hours and I finished the day exhausted, but happy with the result.

Meal Prep

Meal Prep


The post meal prep week was pretty interesting. On Monday I had the opportunity to tour Sacramento with a group of bloggers and influencers. We join to walk and check the paintings that are being done on the walls of the city for the mural art festival, for more information check out the Wide Open Walls website. It was nice not to have to worry about cooking and enjoy the tour on a Monday. I got home later, ate my prepped plate and went to bed happy.

Overall it was good to see the result and how I can save time during the week to do other things. But it certainly was a lot of work. Another thing that made me think through was the value. I planned food for 4 days, and I spent more than I would normally spend. On the other hand, I know that I have bought things that I will use more often, and that I have made recipes with too many ingredients.

So the lesson I take from this is, meal prep can help me a lot during my busy days, and in the next few times I need to try making simpler recipes to save money. About losing weight and changing habits, I’ll have to come back here later to tell you if it worked.

And you? Do you meal prep? Tell me what you think of it all this process and share with me any nice and easy recipes I can try.

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