How Much Your Work is Worth?

by Thursday, August 3, 2017

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How many times in your life have you felt lost about not knowing how much your work is worth?

Many people do not know how to answer the famous question in the job search process: What is your salary expectation? Often because of being in the same job or company for a long time, or because you are starting a career, changing market or even country. This is more common than you realize and you are not alone in it.

When I began my search for the first job in the US, I had one goal in mind, to find the job that would give me the opportunity to prove my abilities and have a chance for growth. At that time, even having experiences back from Brazil, I had to relocate myself to a beginner level and that meant entry-level salaries. However with that in mind, I had no idea how much my work and experiences were worth.

Today I’ve learned more about it, and working as a Recruiter I still see a lot of people lost without knowing exactly what the market expects or how much their experiences are worth. So to help these people I thought of some tips of what you can do to find out how much your work is worth.


Simple as that. Google today is the curious people’s father and there are several ways to find information about companies, work and salaries if you do a thorough search. Also, keep your searches organized, make notes. Registering everything will help you keep the information up to date.


There is a Brazilian saying: it costs nothing to ask. I know it sounds scary or not polite, but it all depends on how you ask. My tip is to connect and grow your network of relationships, LinkedIn is a great tool for this. Just send a personal message along with the connection request. Of course you won’t ask the person how much they make right away, but you can find professionals who are in the same field you are interested in being hired.

Send a request for connection with a sincere message that you are seeking to connect with people in that field who can help you understand and grow in your career. You’ll be surprised how people are open to help. And the maximum that can happen is the person to ignore you.


Nowadays there are several tools available to give you an idea of wages. Some examples are:

First of all I love Glassdoor, besides of being a job board, you can also get an idea about company culture, salaries and so on. All this by the vision of former and current employees. Glassdoor offers a tool where you can calculate how much your work is worth. I found it sensational, it uses information about your schooling, years of experience and the region where you live. You can find out if your company is paying you the average salary for that job.

I recently discovered Payscale and I’m loving it. It gives you salary reports of your current job or even analyze offers. It’s very similar to the Glassdoor but they collect more information, the type of certification you have, benefits and what skills for that job. The application is also free.

These are some ways you can stay tuned and updated on your salary and on how much your work is worth. These tips can help you feel more confident when it comes to finding a new job, or negotiating a raise.

If you have any doubts about the subject, you can leave a comment below with questions. I’ll be happy to respond.

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