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by Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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I have been waiting for this weekend getaway in Las Vegas since December 2016 and it has finally come. Now let me tell you why.

I have been living in the US for 7 years and this was my 5th time in Vegas, usually I go for no more than a weekend, it’s enough for me.

This trip was very special for me because I went to make my teenage dream come true. The Backstreet Boys have a residency in Las Vegas now and 24 years later I finally was going to attend their concert for the first time. I was always a big fan when I was a teenager. I started learning English using their songs, and I just couldn’t let this pass. So I bought myself tickets as soon as they announced the dates and decided this would be a trip to reconnect with myself.

I invited my friend Laura to come with me, she has always been my partner in crime for those trips and I felt we needed to reconnect also. So you can see the point of this trip, to renew my energies and reconnect!

AS Blog in Las Vegas

AS Blog in Las Vegas


My friend bought a package from Expedia so she chose the hotel. We stayed at the SLS, part of the W hotels. I arrived first and checked-in, Laura came later that night. We stayed from Friday to Sunday and the hotel was very full because of EDC the eletronic music festival.

SLS is located more north of the Strip, it’s a bit far from all the famous hotels but it’s one of the newest ones. They put us in a king bed room and I asked to change, so I could compare a bit.

It’s pool season, so saturday we spent the afternoon at the SLS pool called Foxtail. The pool area is really cute, it wasn’t packed as all the pool parties in Vegas but there was a lot of people and a DJ, their strawberry mojito was pretty delicious too. It was the perfect idea for a 107F temperature kind of day!

Las Vegas SLS Pool

Las Vegas SLS Pool


The hotels and resorts in Vegas are usually close and connected, but it’s important to remember not all of them are located at the Strip. Las Vegas offers the monorail, the transport can take you from one side to the other of the Strip. A 24h pass costs $12, so if you plan on saving money on taxis, this might be the ideal option.

We did this on Sunday, we checked out at noon, left our bags at the hotel and went to explore the Strip. The SLS hotel is the last stop of the monorail so it worked out well for us.

I was very impressed with how the city is ready for rideshares. I know it has been awhile since my last weekend getaway in Las Vegas, so it surprised me to see the aiport and resorts already have pick up locations and signs for rideshare services. I was able to take a shared Lyft from the airport to the hotel for $7.


Las Vegas has all kinds of fun things to all kinds of people. Clubs, tours, shows, concerts, gambling, a lot of food and drinks. My main focus on this trip was to go to my first Backstreet Boys concert on Saturday. I had bought the tickets months back and I was so excited. In fact, this was my first time at a show in Vegas.

But besides the show, Laura and I had a mission to dance a lot so Friday we decided to find a hip hop club. For Saturday I went to the concert then we found a Latino club. Laura contacted the promoters and we were all set.

On Friday we went to Jewels, they were throwing a Warriors party, and we thought it was just the theme of the party. We danced until the music turned eletronic and decided to leave. However we got stuck at the entrance because the team was coming in. It was fun to see them passing by and say congratulations, but once they passed we left.

So next we went to Drai’s, they also played hip hop there, it was a hot night but the club wasn’t as packed as usual. The space there is nice and the view from the pool is pretty cool.

Drais in Las Vegas

Drais in Las Vegas

On Saturday, we stayed at the hotel pool and I went to the Backstreet Boys concert later. Oh guys, it was AWESOME!

Too bad I was alone but I don’t regret it. They still sing and dance so much. They played all the classics which made my heart beat fast and nostalgic. The best part was having Howie D. sing right in front of my seat, i recorded it all and will be posting on the channel.

BSB Concert Las Vegas

BSB Concert Las Vegas

After the concert I met with Laura and we went to Señor Frogs, the latin club. We danced until my feet couldn’t handle anymore then went back to the hotel.

Señor Frogs in Las Vegas

Señor Frogs in Las Vegas

Our Sunday started at 11am waking up to get ready to check out. Since our flights weren’t leaving until 6pm we had some hours to kill. We had a good breakfast and explored the Strip for awhile.

This weekend getaway in Las Vegas came at the right time, besides the heat! I really needed to relax and enjoy some time for myself. It was great make myself happy for a whole weekend and I need to do this more often.


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