Weekend Getaway in San Luis Obispo (Dog Friendly)

by Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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San Luis Obispo is located in the central coast of California, midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is well known for being the home of Cal Poly, one of the famous US polytechnic universities. Dan will be doing his paramedic internship in SLO so we decided to spend the weekend in town, and took Luna along with us.


We left Sacramento Thursday night, the drive was on average 4½ hours on Highway 5. To save money we camped and because it’s summer, camps are always full and unfortunately we could not get near the beach. However, there was vacancy for the entire weekend at the KOA in Santa Margarita, which is about 25min from downtown San Luis Obispo, located further inland. To my happiness the KOA has restrooms, and actually pretty clean ones.

Road Trip to SLO by AS Blog

Road Trip to SLO by AS Blog

Road Trip to SLO by AS Blog

Road Trip to SLO by AS Blog


This was the first long car ride for Luna, and the poor dog suffered some discomfort because we traveled on a small truck. To make her happy and tired we found this dog park to take her before walking around the city, and that was quite the finding. The park is large, super clean, it contains a picnic area, a barbecue pit and clean bathrooms. It is free during the week and on weekends you pay $ 3 for access. We have to thank the volunteers who take care of the park!

Click here to see a quick video of the park: El Chorro Dog Park by AS Blog


The downtown area of San Luis Obispo is very small but super cozy. It has several small shops, cafes, restaurants, but also has the big shops known for lovers of shopping. It is nice because it’s all very close, and you can also visit the Mission, unfortunately Luna could not enter but Dan and I took turns to take a look at the church. You can also find some museums, such as the Children’s and the Museum of Modern Art.

We went to downtown on Friday and Saturday, and every day we saw something different. We also found the famous Bubblegum Wall, the alley with walls covered with gum, it is kind of gross but cool to see. The only bad thing about the area I think was the dirty streets, but even that SLO didn’t loose its charm in our eyes.

Pismo Beach Pier by AS Blog

Pismo Beach Pier by AS Blog

One of the main reasons for me to decide to visit SLO was knowing that the city has beaches. Pismo is the most famous beach in San Luis Obispo, we went on Friday and got lucky that was not full as usual (we showed Live on Facebook). When we arrived there was still a mist of the morning, but soon it warmed up and Luna loved playing in the sand. We also walked around the town and had a delicious ice cream at The Scoop Ice Cream Parlor.

We even did some quick stops at shops for Luna, there is a Pismo Doggie Biscuit Bar, which sells all kinds of treats for dogs, we bought some cookies for it.

About parking, there is a public parking next to the beach, and you can also stop in the street.

Pismo Beach Pier by AS Blog

Pismo Beach Pier by AS Blog


I was very excited to see Avila because Dan had already talked about it that he enjoyed a lot more than Pismo. We visited on Saturday, and yes the beach is great, in addition to having several different restaurants on the marina of Pismo Beach. Unfortunately dogs are prohibited on the beach from 10am to 4pm, so we strolled a bit and sat down to eat something at Mr. Ricks. They accepted Luna on the patio and everything was delicious.

About parking, you have to stop on the street, but of course weekends are very full. There is a private parking which costs $ 6 day.


We could not leave without taking Luna to Avila. Since we got there at the wrong time for her after lunch, we went to the Olde Port Beach which is right next to Avila, just after the Cal Poly pier. And it was happiness in form of paws, there were so many dogs running around and Luna loved it.

Dog Beach in SLO by AS Blog

Dog Beach in SLO by AS Blog

We loved San Luis Obispo, mainly because we enjoyed the weekend in the city with our furry friend. The city is small but developed and has an unexplainable vibe! I hope to return soon!






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