Surprise Family Reunion

by Monday, June 27, 2016

This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil)

This Surprise Family Reunion will melt your heart!

Last May I had the chance to go visit my family in Brazil, I was able to buy a cheap airfare so I decided to do a surprise family reunion. Check HERE my post with the highlights of the trip! They actually had no idea what was happening. I held the secret for 2 months before I decide to ask for help, since I needed them to be at the city where I was flying into. I thought my mom had figured out but she had no clue.

With the help of some family members I was able to meet them right at the airport after I landed, and we had an emotional reunion. Check out the vlog I did at the many airports I stopped, the nervousness and the emotional meeting. The video is all in Portuguese, but what you see at the end doesn’t need for translation.

I hope you all like it and get emotional just like I do every time I watch this. Have you ever surprised a special someone before? tell me your stories.


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