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by Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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It’s always tough to choose the highlights of a great trip, but I carefully picked to show you some of the things I did and places I’ve seen while visiting the state of Ceara in Brazil during my vacation this year. Highlights Brazil 2016 for you who is curious to know more about Fortaleza or Ceara in general.

This May I had the great opportunity to go to Brazil to surprise my family and visit them for two weeks. It’s always hard to fly to Brazil specially because it’s such an expensive trip. But I had the luck to find an amazing ticket deal, so I had to embrace the chance. My last visit had been the year before, May 2015 and Dan was with me. We had no plans to go this year which made my parents and brother had no clue of the situation, one of the highlights of this whole vacation.

After long flights and layovers I made it to Fortaleza and after the surprise and big hugs, the first thing I wanted to do was to head to the beach, to eat crabs and drink coconut water straight from the fruit. I had the chance to Praia do Futuro  the next day I landed and do all the things I love.

Family and homemade food are certainly the things I miss the most while living abroad. I spent some days in my hometown, Quixeramobim, where I could enjoy my parents, my brother, sister-in-law Erica and all the treats made by mommy. There is nothing better than wake up in the morning and have homemade tapioca for breakfast.

Friends, I couldn’t see all of them, but I am very happy to know years have passed and the distance haven’t destroyed the friendships I have in Brazil. Many wonderful people who even not speaking everyday, when we meet it feels like nothing has changed, besides the fact that we are getting older haha! Big kisses to those who I was able to see and even bigger to those who I couldn’t meet.

My friend Alana, who is a photographer in Fortaleza knows many cool places in the city and she took me to have fun at a lounge place by a lake called Colosso Lake Lounge. The place is incredible with a great view, the music on sundays is super fun. I was able to enjoy a soundtrack that left me with nostalgia, but also learn some new hits since I have been gone for so long. I had a lot of fun, great place to go with friends.

Beach beach beach, definitely the highlight word when visiting the state of Ceara in Brazil. To visit there and not go to the beach is a sin. There are many options of places with beautiful landscape. My cousin Wagner bought a small land close to the beach and is building slowly his house there. I am so happy for him and even happier cause I had the chance to go visit and spend the weekend there. The village is called Balbino and is located near the well known Praia da Caponga (39 miles from Fortaleza). It is still a fishermen’s village, super calm and we hope it continues like that, the beach is calm as the village and has an amazing view. There are restaurants tents where you can eat crab (Have you noticed I’m addicted? lol) and have a drink. It’s worth a visit!

You have probably noticed at this point that what I do a lot when visiting Brazil is to EAT lol. Nowadays is easier to find Brazilian products in the US, however there are certain flavors impossible to imitate. So of course when I go to Ceara I have to eat my favorite dishes, and one of it it’s shrimp in garlic and oil. You might be thinking: pfff easy to make. Really? try it and invite me over and I will tell you there is no taste like the one from Ceara.

One of my favorite places to visit in Fortaleza is the Mercado dos Peixes at Mucuripe neighborhood, it’s one of the best places to go eat shrimp. Let me explain: when you arrive, you choose whatever kind of sea food you want to eat straight from a fisherman. The sea food is super fresh, then you take to one of the tents where they can cook, however you want, and they also sell appetizers and drinks. Have a seat and enjoy the view right by the ocean while you wait. The structure is different now, more modern and there is also parking available. I advise you go during the week when is not so busy, it’s the type of place for the whole family.

There are so many things to do and see in Fortaleza and in the whole state of Ceara. From beaches to mountain ranges to typical food. Don’t forget to visit the little handcraft fair by the marina of Fortaleza, it’s called Feirinha de Artesanato at Beira-Mar, and it happes every day by sunset. You can also see the sunset by the beach, it’s beautiful.


The best moments of this wonderful vacation summarize in family, friends, beach and a lot of food haha! I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed my days in Brazil. And if you have any questions or curiosity about Fortaleza or the state of Ceara leave me a comment below or stay in touch on my social media.

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  • Martha
    June 16, 2016

    Adorei a viagem!!! Que lindo o Ceará meu Deus!

  • Andrea
    June 16, 2016

    Obrigada Martha, voce esta mais que convidada de ir comigo um dia!

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